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360 Photo booth

Our booths are the hottest trending video booths in the industry. Set to capture the entire experience with one-button, the 360° video booth creates seamless videos in ultra high definition that can be shared to multiple platforms. Eye catching and great for everyone – get your event off to a spin!.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth creates a revolutionary experience through the use of your camera. While guests stand on an elevated platform, a slow motion arm captures a video from all angles. The end result is an unforgettable memory made for events of all kinds.

How do I use the 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth is automatic, lightweight, and entertaining! It doesn’t matter if you’re using it outdoors, indoors, or in any type of setting. we cater to all requests. You don’t have to be a millionaire to hire a photo booth. All you need is Atika.

No need for fancy cameras and equipment, whatever photo-taking device you have works perfectly with our 360 photo booth. Experience the fun from our photo booth with any smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, or even a GoPro, our 360 photo booth can support its weight. All you have to do is hop on the photo booth’s platform, attach your camera, and the 360 photo booth will do the rest for you!

Where can I use the 360 Photo Booth?

When you hire our 360 photo booth you create value not just for birthdays or weddings. Our 360 camera booth works great for corporate events, businesses, and marketing campaigns as well! We can personalize your video content straight from our photo booth with your brand’s logo or your event’s theme – your guests will definitely want to share their fun and unique 360 camera booth videos across different social media platforms.

Photo Booths

Our photo booth lineup boasts a diverse range of options, each offering a unique twist on capturing memories. From classic enclosed booths for intimate gatherings to interactive mirrors that add a touch of magic, we have something for every occasion.

Choose from our exceptional line of photo booths to elevate your event and create lasting memories that will leave your guests talking long after the lights go down. It’s not just a photo booth; it’s a moment-capturing masterpiece.

Confetti cannon

Each booking comes with a standard 3 CARTRIDGES!!!


Professional electric confetti cannon is the latest stage special effect equipment. It can create a beautiful effect and make the atmosphere of the event stand out and colourful. The height of the spray paper can reach 8 -12 meters, reaching the peak of the performance, and it is a necessary prop for entertainment places.


High-performance paper confetti blasting machine, portable bar atmosphere paper jetting machine, multi-colour sandpaper, wind-powered paper tower, covering the audience, instantly ignited the atmosphere of the audience.


This confetti launcher has colourful LED lights, which can create effects like flowing water, strobe, colour change, and more. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be recharged repeatedly, easy to use in different places, and has a long service life.


Suitable for various TV shows, disco and outdoor concerts, clubs, weddings, parties, bars, banquets, school performances, wedding ceremonies, disco, music festivals, etc.

Cold FireWork Sparklers

They say there’s no smoke without fire, and they’re right!  With our brand new technology that uses no fire, flame, or dangerous combustibles to create beautiful showers of sparkles. Our indoor or outdoor Sparkler System is a revolutionary sparkler “fireworks” system that does not emit any heat or smoke, and there is zero fire involved, thus eliminating expensive fireworks permits, or just being banned from being used indoors or outdoors all together. The only commercially available sparklers that are allowed to be used EVERYWHERE.

Cold Fireworks - Wedding & Event Fireworks

A breath-taking experience of an indoors’ fireworks display that will add more fun to your events and production and involve your audience. This is a safe to use cold fireworks machine that emits cold sparks with zero possibility of catching fire. This machine will help you to safely achieve your desired special effects. Ideal for stage, parties, dances, grand entrances, new product launches, video production, concerts, shows, and any other type of event. Cold Firework System.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use – 100% safe Units can be fired either one by one, all together, and in pre programmed sequences, to create waves and other beautiful effects! Easy to operate remote by control. Height can be controlled. Indoor display height 1–3.5 meters. Outdoor display height 1–5 meters.

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